Spill Containment
ServeTech utilizes the best quality and reliable spill containment products available in the market-place. ServeTech utilizes application-specific products based on the operation of your equipment, accuracy and reliability of the treatment equipment, customer input, and our 60+ years of experience in the field. (Products can be specified for new construction and/or replacement, as necessary.)
Double-Wall Dike: ServeTech utilizes compatible, high-density, double-strength Double-Wall, linear-link polyethylene dike-tanks for storage and transportation of its liquid products. These systems are matched to the type and volume of products being used.
Spill-Pallets: ServeTech utilizes Spill Pallets/Platforms for storage and transportation of its chemical products. These systems come in several different configurations (single, dual, or quadruple drum). ServeTech matches the spill pallet system to the type and volume of products being used.

Polyethylene construction for each pallet-system provides excellent chemical resistance and feature removable poly grating for easier cleaning.
See available Line Card for specific brands and manufacturers
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