Wastewater Treatment
The ServeTech total program approach to wastewater treatment encompasses much more than solving a problem associated with the operation of a single unit. It also takes into account the impact that biological, mechanical, and chemical factors have on the performance and costs of your entire waste treatment system. You can be certain ServeTech will deliver a reliable program which consistently meets both your waste treatment needs and budgetary expectations.

ServeTech wastewater management programs comply with increasing regulatory regulations. We offer a complete line of advanced wastewater flocculants, coagulants, and bioaugmentation products. Whether influent or effluent treatment, we have the products and the personnel to optimize your wastewater program and get the performance you desire. ServeTech products also correct a wide range of problems including suspended solids, organics, odors, "FOG", color and BOD/CODs.
  • Primary and Secondary Clarifications: If your clarification needs are for the removal of suspended solids, reduction of BOD or COD, separation of oil/water, color or phosphorus removal, ServeTech will develop a program for you. We provide programs utilizing the most cost effective coagulants and emulsion breakers to maximize clarification results and comply with governmental regulations.
  • Oil Recovery: ServeTech's full line of oil recovery chemicals will help you achieve a faster oil/water break, increase oil yields in the recovery process and reduce sludge handling costs.
  • Sludge Thickening/Dewatering: ServeTech has the right combination of solution, emulsion, or dry flocculants and coagulants to supply you with the most cost-effective dry cake.
  • Foam Control: ServeTech can provide a quick response to avoid waste plant upsets and foam in the receiving stream.
  • Metals Removal: ServeTech can supply many different types of products for flocculation and precipitation of metals. The recovery of metals for recycling is made easier for reclaiming.
  • pH Adjustment: ServeTech has a broad line of magnesium based products for the control of pH when acidic wastewater is present.
  • Biological Reduction of BOD / COD: Through the use of bacteria, enzyme, or biological stimulant products, ServeTech can reduce to effluent discharge levels of soluble BOD/COD. This can greatly decrease the plants annual surcharge costs.
  • Odor Control: ServeTech's masking agents, neutralizers, & bioaugmentation meet compliance, reduce complaints, & achieve a better work environment.
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The material provided in this bulletin is informational in nature and is not intended to be instructions for a particular location or installation. There is no guarantee, warranty or other assurance of fitness of purpose or operational performance or results either express or implied. The user assumes all risk in following the information provided. Always read and follow product safety and performance instructions on product labels, Material Data Safety Sheets and those provided specifically for your requirements by your ServeTech representative.
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