Dispensing: Pumps, Feeders, Brominators
ServeTech utilizes the best dispensing products available in the market-place, (including all major brands). ServeTech utilizes application-specific products based on the operation of your equipment, accuracy and reliability of the treatment equipment, customer input, and our 20+ years of experience in the field.
Brominators: ServeTech utilizes brominators to deliver consistent levels of bromine in cooling systems. Units are matched to operating conditions, ease-of-use and reliability.
Bypass Feeders: ServeTech utilizes two (2) types of bypass feeders, and matches each unit to the chemical product being used, the operation, and environmental-atmospheric conditions, reliability and ease-of-use. ServeTech also offers easy-to-maintain bypass feeders with an integrated cartridge or bag filter, which enhances closed loop performance by removing foulants.
Chemical Pumps: ServeTech utilizes the most reliable, highest quality pumps (metering, dosing, peristaltic, etc.) and matches each pump to the treatment product being pumped, the operation, and environmental-atmospheric conditions and ease-of-use.
Panel-Mount Treatment Systems: ServeTech is an industry leader at designing, engineering, installing and operating automated water treatment equipment on easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain, easy-to-use panel-mount systems. This provides for space-savings to the end-user and makes maintenance easier. These systems can be wall-mounted or mounted on uni-strut, by the customer or qualified service personnel.
See available Line Card for specific brands and manufacturers
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