Service Program
Regular service visits are critical to the joint-success of operating your heat transfer equipment at its optimum performance level. Some treatment companies will do their testing and provide you with some generic information, so that you, the customer, are completely dependent upon them. Some merely check chemical levels (volume remaining) and reorder more.

ServeTech educates it's customers on the operation and optimization of heat transfer equipment, and promotes joint-testing and frequent communications, critical to the treatment program’s success. ServeTech service programs are focused on testing, sharing information, jointly developing changes to the program, jointly adjusting the treatment levels, bleed-times and more.

ServeTech's operations-orientation is unique. While on-site, our technicians view your cooling tower, chillers, air compressors, boilers, etc., as if they own them. ServeTech service techs focus on; 1) monitoring heat transfer efficiencies, 2) maximizing use of water, 3) maintaining the correct level of chemicals to protect your equipment, and 4) putting safeguards in-place to ensure that the equipment runs at its optimized level, continuously, until the next service call.

ServeTech offers two service program:

Full-Service: Our full-service programs are perfect for facilities lacking the personnel necessary to perform the routine duties of monitoring a water treatment program. ServeTech will ensure timely delivery of the chemicals, run tests, and take responsibility for the treatment program, (with minimal participation required of our customers).

Industrial: Our industrial service programs are best suited for facilities that have the personnel available to perform routine testing and chemical change-out duties related to the water treatment program. Industrial service customers rely on ServeTech to provide the chemicals and engineering expertise they need to keep their operation running smoothly.

ServeTech‘s On-Site Service programs include:

  • Periodic, regular service visits and reports
  • On-site testing, analysis & adjustments
  • Additions of chemicals, (as required)
  • Filtration checks & replacements (as agreed)
  • Program review with operator or manager
  • Visual checks on equipment in the system
  • Written Service Report
  • Follow-up on outstanding items in report
  • Ordering of new chemicals/supplies, (as needed)
  • Additions to program, as discussed and agreed.
  • 24/7 Access; cell, office, voicemail, email, texting

Also, ServeTech makes the link between the mechanical side (operation and maintenance) of the equipment we are treating and the treatment program. You, the owner/operator of the equipment need a functional, working partnership between these 2 vendors, (the water treater and the mechanical contractor), to ensure continuous, maximized heat transfer efficiencies to keep your operation running and control costs.

Additionally, ServeTech service technicians receive regular, ongoing technical training in the water treatment industry, as well as sharing the collective experiences within our company and, our industry, as members of the AWT (Association of Water Technologies). We also benefit from exceptional relationships with our suppliers of both chemical products as well as equipment, and their resources and expertise are at our disposal.
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