Non-Electric Mix & Feed Systems for Solid Treatment Programs
ServeTech's technically advanced solid treatment products are manufactured in a unique, highly concentrated solid form and utilize proven, state-of-the-art formulations. ServeTech's concentrates offer a number of significant operational, safety & environmental benefits over our comparable liquid chemical products. ServeTech's concentrates are manufactured, packaged, & shipped in one-gallon plastic bottles, which are then reconstituted, on-site, in small, wall-mounted mixing systems and injected into your cooling or boiler systems, (using existing chemical pumps & controllers).

ServeTech provides several different models and configurations of its mixing boards. Whether you need a simple 1 bottle, 1 product mixing system or a larger 2 bottle, 1 product system for larger systems, ServeTech can meet your needs. We will balance your operational needs and personnel availability, in the design of an application-specific system, which will provide consistent treatment levels while eliminating chemical drums. Most of these units use a system of float-weights and mechanical solenoid valves to automatically reconstitute solid chemical concentrates on-site. However, we can also provide point-of-application systems which can mix and feed chemical concentrate while draining to atmosphere, without a chemical pump.

OPERATION: When the level of mixed chemical in the reservoir drops, (due to chemical pump draw), the primary float-weight activates the primary solenoid valve allowing water to spray up into the bottle of chemical. Water sprays up & erodes, dissolves, & mixes solid chemical concentrate which gravity-drains into the self-contained reservoir/housing, until the primary float reaches the shut-off height & closes the solenoid. This fill, empty, & refill cycle will continue automatically, based on system demand. The second float-weight & solenoid is a safety (built-in spill containment).
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