Green Technology
ServeTech is constantly strives to deliver environmentally-responsible treatment programs results, by utilizing green treatment technologies. Our programs help our customers reduce, minimize and/or eliminate water discharge, energy consumption and environmental pollution at our customer sites.

Chemistry: ServeTech utilizes state-of-the-art formulations in an effort to minimize our customer's environmental impact. As new, greener molecules are developed, ServeTech will evaluate their effectiveness and incorporate them into new formulations and products.

Equipment: An example of a green technology is ServeTech's extensive use of Reverse Osmosis (RO), which helps our customer's reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions significantly, while enhancing the performance of our treatment programs.

Some of those specialized technologies that ServeTech may include in its treatment programs include:

Green & Specialized Treatment Technologies
Dealkalizer Systems
Demineralizer Systems
Chlorine Dioxide Products
RO/Reverse Osmosis Systems
UV Disinfection Systems
Water Softening Programs
Filtration & Separation Technologies
Ozone Generation Systems

ServeTech's green treatment programs will; 1) increase your ROI, 2) meet internal environmental-policy needs, 3) reduce regulatory pressures or 4) help qualify your building for USGBC LEEDS points. ServeTech's experience, expertise and track record of success may help you utilize some specialized technologies in combination with filtration and/or chemical treatment supplements, to help our customers green-up their treatment profile.

ServeTech is your Environmentally-Responsible partner as our treatment programs always factor in:

Green Raw
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