Legionella & Microbiological Testing
ServeTech utilizes independent labs to maintain testing and analytical objectivity, (however, some on-site testing is conducted at the time of service). ServeTech follows and exceeds the most current ASHRAE, AWT, and CTI guidelines for Legionella and microbiological monitoring, testing and control. ServeTech administers and utilizes the following sample-driven technologies:
Laboratory Analysis Other Micro Testing Treatment Testing
Legionella Bacteria Testing
Aerobic Bacteria Testing
Anaerobic Bacteria Testing
Biocide Efficiency Testing
Light Microscopy
BOD/COD Analysis
ATP (Luminometer)
Dipslides (Colony Count): All
RBC Dipslide: Aerobic, yeast, fungi
TTC Dipslide: Aerobic
MacConkey Agar Dipslide: Aerobic, coliform
BT2: Aerobic
SRB (Sulphate Reducing)
Denitifying (NO2) Dipslides
Digital Testers (DPD)
Chlorine Residual
Bromine Strips
Isothiazolinone Test Kit
Quats/Polyquat/Amine Test
Bronopol Test Kit
Bardac 22 (Low Level) Test
THPS Test Kit
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