Consulting Services
ServeTech provides R&D, engineering, installation, and design services of water treatment systems that will be treating new heat transfer equipment, (chillers, air compressors, cooling towers, boilers, etc.). ServeTech will consult, troubleshoot, analyze and develop enhanced operational and treatment recommendations for existing systems, as well.

ServeTech's has over 20 years of proven design, installation and in-field operational expertise, in addition to operational knowledge of treatment technologies and their limitations.

ServeTech works closely with engineering companies and architects for new construction, in the development of design specs for new equipment. ServeTech also utilizes strategic partnerships for additional support, as required, from the manufacturers of the actual heat exchange equipment. ServeTech enjoys excellent working relationships and performance feedback from the majority of the local mechanical contractors, the companies servicing the equipment on-site, (boilers, towers, chillers, etc.).

Systems and treatment programs will be developed, based on design specifications of heat transfer equipment, load factors, operational conditions, water quality, treatment objectives and control systems. ServeTech can provide and engineer and/or technician, on-site, as needed, throughout the design and/or installation process.

Whether your facility is in initial design stages or fully operational, we will provide your company with the products, services & expertise needed to keep it running at its optimum level.
Consulting Services & Capabilities
Consulting Design Services
Treatment Program Design
Energy Management
Panel Mount Capabilities
Softener Studies
Thermal fluid (glycol/anti) analysis
Pre-treat & condensate studies
Plant/facility flow studies
Fiber optic video inspections
Legionella risk assessments
Deposit & Corrosion analysis
Corrosion failure analysis
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